Antura installs group-wide project and portfolio management system at Folksam

After an extensive evaluation process, Antura was selected as supplier for Folksam and its 15 subsidiaries.

During the spring of 2010, Folksam Group evaluated numerous project- and portfolio management systems for use among the 15 companies that comprise the group. After a rigorous testing phase, the decision was ultimately made to purchase Antura Projects as their common group-wide system.

The procurement followed the Folksam Group's purchasing process that effectively ensures that suppliers meet all their functional and ethical requirements.

“The choice of Antura Projects depended on aspects such as operating costs, the licensing model and its ease of use. Antura Projects was previously used in some companies within the group and we have now consolidated licenses and agreements. This means that the tool will be used company-wide,” says project sponsor Christer Braaf.

“The project focuses on introducing processes and tools for the project and portfolio management throughout the Folksam Group,” says project manager Martin Eriksson.

“Furthermore, there are other ongoing projects that require a common project management model and improve the current maintenance model. These projects will benefit greatly from Antura Projects,” says Eriksson.

The project to implement Antura Projects began in May 2010 and has been proceeding during the summer.

“The project has been running according to schedule, and the new system was in place when people returned from vacation. Perfect timing,” says project sponsor Christer Braaf.

“The implementation project has achieved all objectives, and we now have high expectations once we get underway with using efficient Project Portfolio Management in our operations,” says Christer.