Fagerhult is Turning Its Lights on New Projects

Following a brief review of the market, lighting group Fagerhult has decided to use Antura Projects for their projects in Sweden and China.

The new project management tool replaces multiple systems – both internally developed systems as well as externally developed standard software. Thanks to the existing project methodology, the introduction has been very straightforward and efficient.

“The choice of Antura Projects was easy for us to make because we knew what we had and we knew what we wanted,” says Joakim Söderberg, Manager of Project Management at Fagerhult. Söderberg has also been involved in establishing Fagerhult’s production facilities in China and worked at their subsidiary in Suzhou for three years.

“We feel we’re getting good value for our investment. With Fagerhult’s ambitious growth plans, we also need to have the opportunity to expand our system at a reasonable cost. This is something we can do with Antura,” says Söderberg.

“In relation to other collaboration platforms and project tools that we have used, we view Antura Projects as a very complete and cost-efficient solution.”